“Traitor Jeff Flake” alson known as “Congressman Flake” Don’t Come Back to Arizona — We Don’t Want You

Since you missed a critical vote

A vote that has the propensity to enslave all Americans

Don’t come home.

We don’t want you.

Cap ‘n Trade is nothing more than the final destruction of the American economy,

Of the American way.

And you weren’t there to defend us!

You weren’t there to protect us!

May God turn me into a democrat

To run against you

And throw you out of office.

Although you have lived up to your name:


And your sorry assed excuse that

You had to attend your daughter’s school activity . . .

Well, it’s just that:  It’s sorry and

I hope your daughter is duly embarrassed her by lame father’s negligence.

You, sir are a TRAITOR!

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