Obama is Breaking (And it’s Becoming Obvious to Everyone!)

This morning when I watched President Obama giving his usual morning star pep talk, I noticed something unusual.  Maybe you did, too?

The President has developed an involuntary eye lid movement.  While some would say this is in keeping with lack of sleep, I think we are seeing the man finally coming unravelled.

Why do I say that?  Because one can only keep up lying for so long–unless one is a rather pure sociopath.

The sad thing is that as Obama loses his grip and the Pied Piper effect wears off, I am concerned really stringent measures of control will be brought forth.

Watch Obama closely as he is unraveling.  You’ll see his eye lid movement becoming more difficult to mask, more difficult to hide.

The man may not be a sociopath but we are witnessing pathological lying.

The sooner we realize him for the lying Kenyan bastard he is, the sooner we wake up and

Take Back America!

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3 Responses to “Obama is Breaking (And it’s Becoming Obvious to Everyone!)”

  1. James Stone, says:

    THE Afghani’s are Bravae nation, American’s , Britsher,s & Israli’s are NOT Brave nation. They are Failed in Afghanistan Totally. The Time Will be decied. The EIGHT ( 8 ) years Enauf for them, & THIRTY ( 30 ) years also. The US policies has failed vis Afghanistan, it may soon. Who are Suicide bombers target ?. They are Attack on Power full Nation’s, as Afghani’s are Pakistai’s etc. They can’t Killed 1-1/2,million Afghan’s,& also 17, million, Pakistani’s. The onthe pakistan is not a new world order member because if we were then we wouldn\’t have so many countries trying to destablise it and have david ben gurion state that pakistan is the biggest threat to israel,you have been brainwashed by the israeli media which is always promoting the view of world zionists and secularism wont celebrate any shia\’s or sunnie\’s death because they are muslims they beleive in allah and prophet muhammad(s.a.w) and many of them would be a far better muslim than osama and obama. that just goes to show your thinking and that is what you call explaining. you tell me to celebrate the death of tru muslim because they are from a different sect this is how you explain the afghanistan & pakistan incident,when we will overthrow this puppet al-qaeda & taliban, they are failed in( afghanistan, & pakistan,) including, raw+isi+cia+fbi+mossad+uk,+usa+israel+sven sisters+pentagone+blackwater,& so many other countries are failed bedlly in great afghanistan + honest pakistan+ brave iraqi\’s.the islamic comming government inshalah(very soon) then no one will be able to stop us from liberating pak,/afghan and the muslims of the world. our success in this war is promised by allah(swt) and we will be victorious against india, raw,israel,american,nato,uk,world zionist,& canada. etc…..2011 is THE End of CIA, FBI, PENTAGONE, MI5, MI6, BLACKWATER, MOSSAD, WORLD ZIONIST , WORLD ANARCHIST, BAHAIES, WAHABIES,AL-QAEDA,TALIBAN, RAW, FREEMASION, LION, JAYCEES,ROTARY,WATCHTAWER,OBAMA,OSAMA,ISRAEL,UK, USA, SEVEN SISTERS, etc etc. & COMMING OF” ISLAMIC NEW WORLD ORDER” soon” INSHALLA….
    Where mor then 30 years of war in Afghanistan, ( With USSR+USA+UK+ISRAEL+CANADA ) has totally crippled the economy, and you must try to somehow survive day-by-day by scrounging enough food to feed your children. Where people do not have the facilities to receive an education. Where people do not have the facilities to receive treatment at hospitals. Where, on average, men die at 40 years of age and women at 43. Where hundreds of thousands of people are maimed, disabled, or blind because of war and land mines. Where you face a high chance of becoming blind or crippled because of the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables, causing vitamin deficiency. If you are blind or crippled, no one can help you because those that are not blind or crippled need help as well, A politician is a very dangerous thing and a sin, which God warned about dating back to the 10 Commandments and Moses, develop these messianic views of simply corrupt politicians like the Evangelicals did with White baustured Bush, Republicans do with Ronald Regan,Protestants do with their Preachers, Catholics do with the GREAT FATHER POPE, Jews do with the stock market, black money, etc etc etc,…. or the way many blacks and college kids view PresidentObama, ( Black baustured ), Now will some Americans, who have awakened, realize that there is no war on terror,” ITS WAR AGAINST ISLAMIC WORLD, ” but instead a war on our personal God Given freedoms and that these wars are a badly run front for oil corporations, bankers and contractors? So, here goes the time line of this pipe-line mess which is the real motive of why American youths are dying in Afghanistan, ? and the pathetic things is that the U.S. has never successfully pulled off any scheme without it blowing up in our faces. THE IRAQ is a sinking ship in a sea of American blood ,? The War on Terror A.K.A “Project Completion of the Trans-Afghanistan Oil pipeline” Its warn that people must take back their lives from the corruption of Government before they end up destroying everyone and everything from sheer greed, self interests and corruption. The 2012 prophesies also says that if mankind can not manage ourselves, that we will get destroyed from below and above. That is the ISRAEL, Real 2012 prophesies in a nutshell, But its happend in 2011. What will be happen after END OF ISRAEL IN 2011 ? The Native American 2012 prophesies really do not deal with the end of ISRAEL not the world, like it is being interpreted, but a time slot, which spans from the mid 1980’s to 2012, when people would reach an awakening about the Earth, Universe and Corrupt World Governments. This is the same prophesies, which were uncovered 2 years ago in Timbuktu area of Africa .The Bush gave a speech to Africa, saying he was a God, Regan gave speeches about acting in the name of God and Obama spoke about performing miracles like Jesus by saying he can lower waters, still storms and on and on and on. People ate this up and this is the reason that the U.S., along with other countries, will not be in AFGHANISTAN for even 100 more years. The United States, is on the verge of collapse. How much us army are in denial and want to shout cliche Patriotic lingo, while waving an American flag……this country is spinning towards its expiration date…..( The Afghanistan is on Finnishing points. )

  2. Dr. Kent says:

    Dr. Mr. James Stone,

    Well-said, for the most part. As you can see, I posted your epic comment openly & fully, unedited. I have not researched you, but your comments are so spot on that I would like a favor:

    Would you mind perusing my blog entries and making comments as you see fit that are shorter, salient, more to the point with correct grammar, spelling and punctuation?

    Mr. Stone, you have a lot to offer. You are correct on so many points and you have introduced me to new ideas,

    Can we make your contributions more easily understood?


    Dr. Kent

  3. You purely saved me atleast 1 hour of time. I am making a project on this topic and your info has helped me through one of the topics of my project. I will browse to the other pages now.

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