RedFlex Photo Radar Van Technician Doug Georgianni Killed


Please—Feel free to post you comments. 


While I cannot condone manslaughter, it is understandable in the current environment.  Sadly, this incident feeds right into Napolitano’s recent admonitions concerning “domestic” terrorism.


This morning I heard Ankarlo utter some absolute rubbish!  When & if KTAR and Ankarlo are sued because of Ankarlo’s irresponsible statements encouraging marginally stable persons to commit suicide necessitates pulling him from the air!  Perhaps that is the real reason why Ankarlo Mornings changed hosts during the past hour?


Certainly there is support to the idea that photo radar cameras and the inordinate amount of surveillance violate our Constitutional rights.  And we can thank the last administration, the Bush Administration for this.


Nonetheless, the irresponsible talk continues this very hour on KTAR and I am just tired of Barely-Famous Barry Young’s histrionics.  KFYI’s “Barely-Man-Enough Barry Young” is generally irritating and insulting.  Certainly, I wish there was someone else besides those two to listen to in the morning on Talk Radio.


But allow me to come to my point:  Let’s apply one principle to this matter and be done with it.


DPS Director Roger Vanderpool listen up.  You’ve made a lot of mistakes, serious mistakes—which will come to light in my blog.  But, I hope you as the man in charge of those cameras will agree with me. 


Governor Jan Brewer give me your attention.  You’ve inherited a lot of mistakes, which you have been loath to denounce and change.  But, I hope you as the woman in charge of DPS Director Vanderpool and most everything in the State will see the wisdom in my recommendations.


Let’s end this insane spying on one another and undue stress and anxiety on our roads.  Let’s apply the principle that has been so often exploited to invoke law after law in the name of saving the children.  How many times have we heard?


If it saves only one life . . .


If it saves only one child . . .


It will be worth it.


Put an end to this insanity and end these off-the-wall discussions by pulling those cameras, admitting it was a bad idea and

do it now!




Because I guarantee it will save at least one life.


It will save at least one more life.


And to insist upon being stiff necked and keeping those draconian cameras in place and continuing the stress & anxiety on the roadways and on us all, will render you, Brewer & Vanderpool et al., complicit in the next murder(s)!


What’s your opinion on this? 


Is the alleged Thomas Patrick Destories a hero or a victim?


How responsible should KTAR be if any one commits suicide because of irresponsible utterances encouraging them to kill themselves?



What’s your opinion?

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9 Responses to “RedFlex Photo Radar Van Technician Doug Georgianni Killed”

  1. Hi, Dr Kent. I missed that show where Ankarlo was hauled off the radio last week. Can you describe more what he said? Would you happen to have the audio?


  2. Dr. Kent says:


    First, I like KTAR or I wouldn’t be listening to it.

    Second, I like Ankarlo and find myself tuning out The Nearly Famous Barry Young Show and KFYI regularly and going to Ankarlo Mornings and KTAR.

    KFYI’s offerings have gotten very stale lately and I see no improvements in Clear Channel’s future locally. Witness the bill boards around town supporting the liberal status quo or the ads on KFYI supporting causes contrary to the values of their audience. Moreover, listen to the news on KFYI which becomes more and more every day like the hog wash the “Federal Media” has propagandizing US with for eons! And, you’ll know what I mean:

    KFYI Talk Radio is NOT LOYAL to conservatism which it purports to proffer nor is KFYI loyal to its listeners.

    Mark my words, KFYI’s ratings are going down and KTAR has been positioning itself and its programming to take the rating crown away from KFYI. Frankly, I am all for it and KTAR has worked hard to come up with excellent alternative programming to compete head on with the “other radio station.” Besides, KTAR has a better signal.

    Or, lately, I’ll drop over to KYOT provided their “Smooth Jazz” isn’t overly repetitious “Top 40” “jazz pop.”

    I could hardly say that Ankarlo was “hauled off the radio” during that show as there was little evidence of management intervening. At least management handled it well.

    Nonetheless, what Ankarlo said was so horrible, so mistakenly spoken and NEGLIGENT that it angered me to the point I had to take action, draw attention to Ankarlo’s frivolous and negligent utterances in attempt to get him (And others should they be so inclined to follow that singularly horrible example of what NOT to say on Talk Radio!) to cease & desist from making on-air suggestions urging people with marginal mental health to commit suicide!!!

    I heard it while driving in my car and I do not have the audio.

    Although I want to call attention to his utterances in poor taste that morning, I am concerned about Ankarlo’s health. In fact, he may have mispoken due to ill health. KTAR and on-air talent went through great pains to let the public know that Ankarlo was suffering health wise and either was or had been ordered not to work but stay home and recuperate.

    Ankarlo, get well, buddy. I miss your show and I am certain others do as well but not Barry Young. You’ve given the barely-man-enough barely-famous a run for his (and KFYI’s) money. Get well, come back, return to the air–I want to see you spank the pants off the ratings and top Barry Young.

  3. Was Ankarlo’s suggestion in the context of the guy who killed the speed-cam worker? Or was it random?

    You said that you think Ankarlo’s comment may be attributed to his current health. How long have you listened to Ankarlo? Haven’t you heard him make equally offensive statements before? If not, check out some samples here:

    I’d really like to know what you think about those clips.

  4. Dr. Kent says:

    WOW! Those are some comments! And that’s some site you have!

    I have not listened very long. And I was not aware of those statements.

    Still, I support Ankarlo’s First Amendment Rights to speak freely and contraversally. Anything that increases dialogue and discrimination (as in making finer distinctions in thinking. In other words, increasing one’s ability to make better and finer and ever so incrementally better judgements, better decisions) is good for the public.

    Political Correctness has led to sloppy thinking in our country. In fact, political censorship like we are suffering today is destroying our culture.

    Yes, Ankarlo uttered those negligent suggestions in the context of the killing of RedFlex’s employee. The suggestion that anyone do a service to our society by “offing” him or herself is offensive.

    Regarding your web site, if Ankarlo has said and is saying those things to get attention, then I’d call it successful. Look at all the attention you and your web site have given him! That is a success.

    If Ankarlo said those things to excercise his (our) First Amendment rights to free speech and freedom of the press, then I applaud him.

    If Ankarlo said those thing to stereotype and/or to single our people or groups, then I would be dissappointed.

    However, I am not hearing (reading) those in context. And, like most of those who insist that the rest of us think like them by shoving Political Correctness down our throats, I would imagine that those who seek to destroy our culture by homogenizing our culture and in actuality are destroying our freedoms to think for ourselves and our freedom to associate, I imagine you are not going to be overly happy with my response to defend Ankarlo.

    A word of advice: One doesn’t successfully fight so-called Hate Speech with real Hate Speech.

    Notwithstanding, you have apprised me of something new and I will stay atuned for it. I have bookmarked your site. Thank you.

  5. […] back on the air after the speed camera shooting/murder that occurred on April 19th. According to someone who heard the show that morning, Ankarlo apparently went overboard in his condemnation of DeStories (the speed cam […]

  6. Dr. Kent says:

    Might that “someone” be me? I have openly posted my disdain for that singular set of utterances during that particular show just before Ankarlo left the air abruptly due to “medical” reasons. At least, that was the account given on air by his replacement duo on Ankarlo Mornings.

    Allow me to clarify one again, Ankarlo did not go ‘overboard in his condemnation of DeStories’ but Ankarlo said something utterly stupid suggesting on air live that folks who were thinking of harming others should instead kill themselves!

    Point of information: We kill ourselves, that is, commit suicide at about twice the rate we kill the other guy. For about every 10,000 murders each year there are 20,000 suicides.

    Overall, I like Ankarlo Mornings. However, I must concede that I miss being on the air myself. Perhaps one day The Dr. Kent Show Giving Psychology Away will return.

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