Attention SEALS: Pirates in Washingon DC!

A Distress Call

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2 Responses to “Attention SEALS: Pirates in Washingon DC!”

  1. PSH says:

    I sure would like to know who wrote
    “Courtesy of Alaska (unedited)–
    The Real Story of Obama’s Decision Making
    got this from a friend of mine that is an ex CIA spook and he got it from the horses mouth. Draw your own conclusions.”

    I am always suspicious of anonymous articles which are highly critical of one political party or another. I am also suspicious of the people who pass on this type of article without checking it out and I am even more suspicious of anyone who uses a pejorative to describe anyone who isn’t an American.
    For an educated man you are not very analytical nor critical in your thinking.

  2. Dr. Kent says:

    First, let’s take your character assassination of me. It is duly acknowledged.

    Second, I just received a message from my friend. While he further substantiated the credibility of this accounting, I encouraged him to invite others to comment on my blog about the story and its credibility.

    Until that person comes forward, we will never know who wrote it. But, why ask? To target him or her?

    The most interesting thing is that your comments ironically tell us more about you than about me or the credibility of the story. My guess is we’ll never know everything about the story but, tell me, you don’t swallow wholesale the rubbish the mainstream media or MSN publishes do you? That would be extremely naive, uncritical and stupid.

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