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The Dr. Kent Show December 13, 2008 Featuring AZ Power Paws

Monday, December 29th, 2008


Toilet Training My Cat Curly

Saturday, December 27th, 2008



Sweet success after two months of shaping!  Curly was undersized and had I known he was an adult, I probably never would have tried to toilet train him as it involved a lot of stress on him.

Curly was so malnourished when I got him off the street I assumed he was a young adolescent.  Six months after we found each other I took him to the vet (about a month after these photos) and discovered he had a chip.  I responded to that chip and after three weeks went by without a response, I initiated a series of calls.  The former owner finally informed me I could keep Curly. 

He had left her house a year and a half earlier after her daughter’s big black lab moved in.  Funny, now Curly has his own big black lab-pit bull, Diesel. 

Apparently, Curly had been on the street for a full year before I got him.  He lived in a storm drain and whenever I went for my run in the morning to avoid the heat, Curly would run along the top of the block wall to greet me.  After about six weeks I realized that this strange cat was waiting each morning at 4:30 for me.  If I arrived too early or too late, I would miss him.