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Consultation & coaching take many forms. While I am no longer practice psychology clinically, all of that expertise is brought to bear in the service of my clients. However, do not expect me to diagnose, treat or even provide a second opinion regarding mental illness matters.

Positive Projective Psychology does not require psychological testing nor do character development and other modes of growth require addressing traditional symptoms. Those are best reserved for the standard practice of negative projection in prevailing modes of clinical psychology. I offer the best of the worlds of clinical psychology and industrial/organizational psychology in assisting my clients in all matters regarding life growth and development.

While this might take the form of merely coaching an individual through the process of successfully landing a needed and perhaps even perspectives coveted position, it may also take the form of advising a corporate board regarding the selection of corporate executive officers or perhaps assisting a business in adapting to change. Likewise, my analytic skills and systems perspective can be applied to the development of individual character to give the greatest opportunity for growth personally and professionally

While I draw upon traditions associated with clinical psychology, I also draw upon my extensive education in music composition and my background and classical training in history and the fine arts. It all comes down to functional analysis and maximizing the functioning of an individual or an organization to maximize output and achieve the greatest return on investment.

There is no more important fight than to improve oneself and to assist others while on the path. Private victories are no less important for the Corporation than for the individual because it is these private successes that lead to public accomplishments. Be it on the battlefield or in the workplace between competitors or within the family, nuclear or extended, or the internal conflicts within an individual, I seek to serve those who engage me for my professional services with all that I have at my command.

Should you or your family wish assistance in achieving your goals no matter how small or how large, I can be at your service for brief consultation or ongoing coaching. My fees are competitive and your privacy is assured. Aside from my standard contract, which is required of all clientele, I keep only required notes regarding our financial transactions as required by law.

Because this is not psychotherapy, there are no other records. Certainly not what one would consider "medical records." Your privacy and confidence are assured.

Perhaps you only need help in sprucing up your resume and targeting your goals. Maybe you only need help in coaching to prepare for that successful interview leading the employer to select you among many. Whatever it is, I will be with you the entire way reading the waters in advance preparing for your success.

Or you might be a multinational corporation seeking discreet consultation in the recruitment and selection of key personnel for sensitive positions requiring superior abilities and impeccable ethics. In that case, all of my skills will be brought to bear to assist you and your organization and selecting and retaining the best talent available.

Perhaps you and your organization are in need of some troubleshooting or maybe you would simply appreciate another set of eyes and an outside opinion in order to streamline your organization, increase productivity and gain an advantage upon your competitors. Whatever the case, no job is too large or too small.

In general, we begin with a brief consultation or perhaps even a long working lunch and if I am unable to assist you or if I know of another individual or organization that specializes exactly in the area which would benefit you most, I will inform you. Should we find you might benefit from psychotherapy, I will refer you to a license practitioner in the mental health arts, such as an extremely competent psychologist in whom I have confidence.

While I have a broad skill set, I am adept at realizing my limitations. I pride myself upon achieving success for clients and guiding them to independence. In contrast to the standards of negative projective practice that passes today for clinical psychology, I do not foster dependence in any one or any organization upon me. This is Positive Projective Psychology.

I look forward to discussing how my expertise might assist you and your team or teams to achieve & exceed your expectations. Feel free to contact me at any time using my contact webpage and I will respond typically within one business day.

Until that time I hear from you, I remain humbly and respectfully . . . yours . . . very . . .


John Taylor Kent, Ph.D.
Founder of Positive Projective Psychology
Industrial/Organizational Psychology Consultant

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